Elevation Certificates

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Elevation certificate- An elevation certificate is provided by a licensed surveyor. You may have one in your closing documents. If not check with the local building department to see if there is one in your permit file or check with the builder that sold you your property. If you are currently carrying flood insurance your insurance agent should have asked you for an elevation certificate to write your policy in the correct risk category. Ask them for a copy. If they do not have one ask them how they rated your premiums correctly.  
If you are still unsuccessful at locating an elevation certificate you will need to hire a local surveyor to provide the elevation certificate for you. The elevation certificate will help us determine if your property can be removed from the flood zone or, if your property cannot be removed from the flood zone it will allow your insurance agent to rate you accurately and give you the best rate. The average cost of an elevation certificate is $250.00 and while you may be hesitant to spend the money, you will save far more that you spend in the long run.

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